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Bernard Elias

Co-founder – Psionist

Bernard Elias is the father of five wonderful children. A Marine who served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, “Barney” is also a licensed teacher, and he has a strong background in computers.

Barney is the youngest founder of Slightly Twisted Games, but Mark and Tommy like to remind him he has the least hair. Barney is extremely well-versed in Fantasy and Sci-Fi literature, and he has a sharp and sometimes devious mind for tactics. He and his family live in Michigan’s Little Bavaria, Frankenmuth, MI.

Mark Rivett

Co-founder – Mage

Mark Rivett has 17 years of professional experience as an educator, digital artist, and application developer. Mark has degrees from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, in Industrial Design, Media Arts and Animation, and Video Game Art and Design. After nearly 20 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mark now resides in the Ann Arbor Michigan. In addition to a background in digital technology, Mark is also a published novelist.

Mark is a lifelong gamer who has competed in large poker, Magic: The Gathering, and Warhammer 40k tournaments. It is one of Mark’s dreams to compete in the WSOP. Although video games are largely behind Mark, he firmly believes that World of Warcraft Raid Leader and/or Guild Leader should be an acceptable resume line item.

Thomas Ryan

Co-founder – BardBarian

Tommy is a trained actor who still does local theater, plays music (singing and playing guitar) at things like farmer’s markets and parties, and has published short stories. Tommy regularly competes in triathlons, and was recently crowned Mr. Mensa 2016. Tommy has a degree in English from the University of Michigan, and lives in the Ann Arbor area, where he has a “muggle” job.

Tommy will claim to be a gamer since his youth, but you can get the real skinny by checking out his blog entries on this very page. He loves pretty much all things “nerd,” but his deepest affinities are for Star Wars, fantasy literature like Lord of the Rings (he has the inscription of the one ring tattooed on his right upper arm), and comic books, preferring Marvel to DC, unless we are talking about Batman. He regularly impersonates X-Men’s Wolverine at University of Michigan football games. They are the Wolverines, after all. When he is feeling svelte, he sometimes goes for more of the Weapon X look.